Nakisa Seika

    Nakisa was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979. Her childhood was spent going to museums and theatrical shows such as classical and modern ballet, musicals, opera, theatre, and Kabuki.

    At the age of 15, Nakisa knew she would leave Japan and pursue an art education in the United States. She made arrangements and accomplished her goal, arriving in the states at the age of 17 to finish high school in upstate New York. After three years in New York, Nakisa enrolled at the Atlanta College of Art majoring in painting. She also studied sculpture, silkscreen printing and lithograph.

    Nakisa began working as an artist at Deljou Art Group after graduation from college. Her first exposure to selling artwork made her appreciate the unique artistic styles of her native Japan. Nakisa had taken calligraphy courses in elementary school as part of the normal curriculum. She hadn’t thought of her skill with a Chinese brush as anything worthwhile until she began work on the Oriental Gardens collection. The flowers seemed to call for more powerful, yet simple and impressive lines. Her skill with calligraphy and knowledge of the Sumi-E style created just the right feel for the pieces.

    Her work is praised and collected nationally and internationally.

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