Nancy Nevin

     Having been born into a family of artists and etchers, and growing up in a fine arts gallery, Nancy's career began early. The Nevin Workshop, started by her father, was the beginning of an irreplaceable apprenticeship where she was to begin her career.

     With the Workshop, Nancy printed for a great many artist-etchers over the years, which gradually inspired her to begin creating her own images.

     Favoring the 19th Century French style of printing and especially influenced by the works of Mary Cassatt and Georgia O'Keefe, Nancy developed unique characteristics in her aquatint etchings.

     Painting and blending colors directly onto the plate and cutting the image out of this etching plate to create embossing effects are techniques typical of her work.

     Nancy's original etchings have been sold worldwide. Her works have been displayed on the walls of Prize Winning Homes and she has exhibited her works in shows from Boston to Los Angeles.

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