Nathalie Worthington

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     Art has always been a focal point of Nathalie Worthington's life. As a child, Nathalie captured the world around her by spending hours sketching and exploring all mediums, especially watercolor.  Her formal education did not focus on art until 1978 when she sought an introduction to acrylic painting in the way of the masters, taught at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  This class would bring her full circle as she remembered her very first art class as a preschooler, at the Cleveland Museum of Art, making masks. 

     Throughout her twenty-five years of painting, which she does with passion- in choosing subject matter and composition, she has enjoyed perspective, form, and control of materials and techniques. With an emphasis on careful drawing, under-painting, and washes throughout the process, her inspired technique results in a richly realistic expression of her many-faceted world.  Her bold style and confident vision of our world enliven her work and make it memorable.

     Now located in Florida, Nathalie continues to share her love of nature through her still-lives, gardens, flowers, birds, and scenes that capture the essence of nature, both tamed and unbridled. Florida has also presented her with fascination for the world of water and birds, her inspiration for the Worthington Southern Bird Collection.  Her feeling is that these birds have a habitat, and to see and appreciate nature’s inhabitants is to guard their habitat.

     Nathalie’s private and corporate collectors are numerous, and come from all over the world. She has exhibited her works in five one-woman shows, and seven group shows.  Nathalie is motivated to paint things she deeply cares about… especially from the realm of nature.  She feels that by sharing her perception, perhaps the viewer will find a renewed and deepened regard for the natural world around them.

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