Nicolay Dobrovolsky

     Nicolay Dobrovolsky was born in 1960 in the Soviet union. After working for 8 years as a commercial artist and designer for various institutions, he attended the Odessa School of Art. After graduation in 1987, he returned to his trade as a commercial artist and continued his fine arts training. In 1993 he opened his own studio where he has been selling his oil paintings for both private and corporate display.

     Dobrovolsky has participated in many regional and corporate exhibitions in both Europe and Asia. He is extremely versatile in all mediums and subject matter. He has many requests for portraits and is talented in realism, but his personal passion is exhibited best in his landscape oil paintings.

     Dobrovolsky is a large man, but his paintings portray a gentleness and softness contrary to his appearance. His personality is reflected in his serene and subtle landscapes, which are definitely his calling.

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