Oksana Ovcharenko

     Oksana Ovcharenko was born near Kiev in the Soviet Union in the December of 1976. She displayed her artist's talent from a young age. Her parents and relatives were amazed as she drew flowers and animals within her surroundings in vivd colors using primitive artists tools like pencil and crayons. Her first step into the world of art was her admittance into the Youth Art School as the youngest student.

     Ovcharenko's works were exposed in every international children's festival and were highly recognized by art critics. After 2 years of study in this school, she received an invitation to enroll at the National Youth Art Academy in Kiev. The lure of ancient city and new surroundings were instrumental in her decision to attend. This new atmosphere of art exhibitions, museums and relations with many known Ukrainians was influential in her developing ideology. Soon she came to the realization that art would be her focal point in life. Oksana expresses her inner most feelings in her work of all mediums, but her true passion is shown best in her easel paintings.

     Later, in 1994, Ovcharenko was accepted in the High Academy of Art and Design in Kharkow, one of the best art academies in the Ukraine. She gained additional training in modern design, adding another strength to her design portfolio. Ovcharenko embraces nature in her daily landscape design work. She views the flowers, trees and plants as nature's incarnation. Seasonal changes are interesting to her, as well as the daily weather changes, which change the landscape. She explains,

     "I can embody my art in real life – it is pleasant to see my work come to life both in my daily work and on canvas. I see happiness in the faces of my clients, and this makes me happy. For me, this means a lot and makes my career worthwhile."

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