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 Peter Pettegrew has devoted his life to capturing the timeless beauty of the natural landscape on canvas. As a youth, his world was centered in Monterey Bay, California, and it was here that his compelling encounters with the ocean inspired sketches. As early as four years of age, his aunt, who was a painter, recognized his talent and insisted to his mother that he only be given blank paper; no coloring books. Childhood sketches symbolized the sights and sensations of ocean landscapes, and soon more serious efforts resulted as he turned to painting. By ten years of age, the artist was already studying with one of the older marine painters in the Bay Area.
His formal art education began when he applied and qualified for admission to Harbor Senior High in Santa Cruz, California, a prestigious and progressive school dedicated to advancing the development of artistic skills and creative freedom. After moving to Florida, Pettigrew went on to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he studied painting as well as graphic art techniques that he now employs in his work with hand-pulled serigraphs, stone lithographs, and originals. After his formal education, he furthered his schooling in individual mediums through private artist workshops, including oil painting, watercolor techniques, and charcoal drawing. Finding his inspiration through detailed research of the Master Impressionists and plein air painters of the 19th Century, this work revealed the undeniable course for his life, "to honor the face of nature by painting her portrait in so many ways and in so many places."
His captivating impressionistic style, using delicate tones, subtle luminous lighting, and savory blends of color, has resulted in distinctive paintings for his collectors. From childhood, the landscapes have always been the beloved subject for Pettegrew's passionate creations. A naturalist, and outdoorsman, he camps, hikes, and explores, to find his timeless compositions. It is this focus, this need to completely lose himself in the wilderness in order to paint, breathing in the air of dawn and dusk, that nurtures the inspiration he pours onto his canvases.
He draws inspiration from his diverse travels. In the last few years, he has been to France, the Bahamas, Montana, and California to capture his subject. Most often he is painting in the Southeastern United States. His home and studio are in Orlando, Florida, with another family residence on Marco Island, not far from the Big Cypress Swamp in the Everglades. Mr. Pettegrew states, "Whether I'm painting in the Everglades or in the marshes of South Carolina, these Southern wetlands have a feel and presence like nowhere else I've been. This land is where the spirit within lies very close to the surface. Its beauty abounds and one does not have to struggle to locate its magnificent side."
Mr. Pettegrew always receives high praise from a museum and gallery directors throughout the United States for his one-man and group exhibitions. Collectors anxiously await each new painting. The huge demand for Pettegrew's work is gratifying for the artist, by providing him with the means to give back to the natural world. He acts on his commitment to Promote, Preserve, and Protect the environment through his art. His gallery and museum events and the ongoing sales of some of his work are venues to channel his support for environmental causes.
"I think we all need a greater sensitivity of our natural surroundings and what I fully experience when on location is what I spiritually need to paint. My hope is that this emotion is fully communicated, not just in the traditional sense, but rather a message of the mystery and joy in how nature really feels. Through painting, I share my love of nature with others and hopefully help to preserve her beauty." ~Pettegrew

Museum Collections:

  • Museum of the Everglades 
  • The Museum of Natural History at Naples
  • Orlando Museum, Orlando, FL

Museum One Man Exhibitions:

  • Museum of the Everglades, Everglades, FL
    • Jan 28 – Mar 24, 2001
  • Museum of Natural History at Naples, FL
    • Jan 7 – Jan 31, 2002

Museum Group Exhibitions:

  • Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola, FL - 1999
  • Museum of Natural History, Naples, FL – 2000
  • Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, FL – 2000
  • Tampa Museum, Tampa, FL – 2000
  • Orlando Museum, Orlando, FL– 2001

Highest Auctioned Painting:

  • Naples Beach, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 24” - $35,000 - 2002

Corporate Collections:

  • Computer Power Inc. – Jacksonville, FL -1986
  • Edward T. Byrd Co. – Orlando, FL
  • Florida Steel – Tampa, FL -1985
  • Hogan Group – Tampa, FL - 1984
  • Holland & Knight – L.L.P., St. Petersburg, FL - 1996
  • Larson Juhl – Norcross, GA - 1993
  • PCSU – St. Petersburg, FL
  • Pilmanacyclics Company – CA - 1987
  • The Articulation Group – Tampa, FL- 1994
  • TECO, People’s Natural Gas Company - Tampa, FL - 1997
  • The Stuart News – Stuart, FL - 1998
  • The West Company – Lionville, PA - 1985
  • Tru-Vue Company – Chicago, IL - 1995
  • First Union, Naples, FL - 1996
  • First Union, Coral Gables, FL - 2001

Private Collections:

  • Kelly Craig – Newscaster
  • Dan Quayle – Former Vice President of the United States
  • John Rigsby – President, Time Warner
  • John Travolta – Actor
  • Greg Block – Art Dealer, Collector
  • Bob Hite-WFLA Anchorman NBC

Municipal Collections & Fundraising Events/ Projects:

  • Chamber of Commerce – Orlando, FL - 1991
  • City Hall of Orlando – Orlando, FL - 1991
  • Mayor’s Beautification Program, City of Tampa – Tampa, FL
  • Artist in Residence, Naples Winter Wine Festival for the Children’s Educational Foundation - Naples, FL 2002 
  • Voted number one painter in 2001 by Florida Magazine
  • National Parks Foundation - 1998
  • Beaufort Open Land Trust - 1998
  • Conservancy of Southwest Florida – 2000, 2001, 2002
  • Sierra Club Fundraiser – 2002
  • City of St. Petersburg, New City Hall – 2002
  • Princess Martha Hotel-2003
  • Conservancy of SW Florida- 2005
  • City of Apopka, FL City Hall 2007


One Man Gallery Shows:

  • Profile Gallery, Jupiter, FL – 1996 
  • Gallery One, Naples, FL – 1997 
  • Florida Aquarium/ Land and Sea, Tampa, FL - 1998 Ritz Carlton TECO Honorary, Naples, FL - 1999
  • Stellers Gallery, Jacksonville, FL – 1999
  • SilverSpoons selected artist at Tampa Museum, Tampa, FL - 2000
  • MacArthur Galleries in conjunction with Mayor’s Beautification Program, Tampa, FL – 2000
  • Wildlife Gallery, Orlando, FL – 2000
  • Gold Leaf Gallery, Deland, FL – 2000
  • Michael Murphy Gallery, Tampa, FL - 2001
  • Stellers Gallery, Jacksonville, FL – 2002
  • Richard James, Charleston, SC – 2002
  • Gallery 1792, Winter Park, FL – 2002
  • New River Fine Art, Naples, FL – 2003
  • Fredlund Wildlife Gallery, Orlando, FL – 2003
  • Southeastern Wildlife/Landscape, Charleston, SC- 2004
  • Galerie du Soleil, Naples, FL- 2004
  • Galerie du Soleil, Naples, FL – 2005
  • Richard James Gallery, Charleston, SC 2005
  • Thornebrook Gallery, Gainesville, FL 2006
  • Thornebrook Gallery, Gainesville, FL 2007
  • Cutters Fine Art, St Augustine, FL 2007
  • Richard James Gallery, Charleston, SC 2007

Group Shows:

  • Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, GA - 1997
  • Conservancy of Southwest Florida, in conjunction w/ the Natural History Museum, Naples, FL – 2000
  • Wildlife Expo, Lakeland, FL - 2000
  • Michael Murphy Gallery, Tampa, FL – 2002
  • Walls Gallery, Wilmington, NC – 2002
  • South Eastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, SC- 2005
  • Galerie du Soleil, Naples, FL – 2004
  • Galerie du Soleil, Naples, FL – 2005
  • Conservancy of SW Florida – 2005
  • Lyssa Morgan Gallery Tampa, FL 2005
  • Richard James Gallery Charleston, SC 2006
  • Stellers Gallery Jacksonville, FL 2007

Memberships & Contributions:

  • American Society of Classical Realists Audubon Society
  • Beaufort Open Land Trust
  • Conservancy of Southwest Florida 
  • National Parks Foundation Nature Conservancy
  • National Watercolor Society (N.W.S.) 
  • Oil Painters of America (O.P.A.)
  • Wildlife Federations
  • Sierra Club
  • Wekiva Invitational Plein Air Paint Out 
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