Ron Bernard

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    Ron Bernard was born and raised in a rural community outside Manchester, New Hampshire. He attended a small, three-room schoolhouse where he has an early memory of inspiration: “Inside the school, books just lay there. Outside flowers blossomed, trees swayed in the breeze, and meadows were lit by the sun. Consequently, my interests were sparked by nature; God’s creativity.” At the age of twelve Bernard’s parents moved the family to Bradenton, Florida where he presently resides. All the while inspired by the natural world around him, Ron pursued photography both as a career and a pastime. He developed a method of working with his landscape images digitally and his work became an art form. Bernard states, “I became an artist to visually express how I am influenced by these surroundings, in the hopes that others would enjoy and be moved by some of the same things that move me. Hopefully this artwork communicates the beauty that our Creator, God, has given us to enjoy.” Like so many artists who are compelled by the creative process they engage in, Bernard completely loses track of time and would go on working for days if it weren’t for his wife, reminding him to eat and sleep. A member of Professional Photographers of America, and having two degrees, Master of Photography and Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence, Bernard continues to study his art form. He is gifted with a keen sense for composition and color, and meticulously works with subtle variations until he is completely satisfied with the results. He won the Fuji Southeastern Award, also various state, regional, and national professional photography awards. His work is on display at Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida. Several banks and famous athletes have commissioned his work.

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