Ron Kempton

     As evidenced by his numerous one-man shows and expansive corporate collections, the work of Ron Kempton is sought after.  From the time he finished his first canvas his career began dancing its way up, and as he wildly paints to satisfy the ever-present demand.  With energy and vitality, the artist is quick to smile and extends his flair for life to infuse his work.

     Lush hues jump from the rich, organic backgrounds to create a vibrating contrast.  Though the style is nonobjective, sensations of movement stir up figurative visions that seem to play with in the intensity of color.  Kempton has a magical way of expressing himself through paint.   His expansive acrylic canvases envelop one in such a luxuriant environment of color it can be mood altering.  In a variation from the dream-like canvases are the aggressively worked acrylic on paper series that flow with energy and electrify the viewer.

     Kempton’s style is defined by such an energy, filling each individual work of art with its own freshness and unique excitement. 

     Ron Kempton’s work is seen in collections at AT & T, IBM, Citicorp, Liberty mutual, US West, United Airlines, Xerox, and the hotels of Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott.

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