Tatiana Fedoritenko

     Tatiana Fedoritenko was born in the ancient and picturesque city of Kiev in the Soviet Union in 1953. She attended a specialty art institute in her region after her primary education and graduated in 1970. After graduation, she was invited to work at the largest design studio in Kiev. After maturing in her art career, Fedoritenko decided to attend the university in St. Petersburg, a city famous for its outstanding cultural centers. She graduated from the National Russian Art Academy in 1979.

     Fedoritenko has received awards for her artwork in several mediums. Along with her achievements and professional career, she donates her spare time freely, extending her experience and skills promoting exhibitions in Russia and Europe.

     During Fedoritenko's career, she has participated in many exhibitions throughout Eastern and Western Europe. Her works have been selected for many years for major art exhibitions in Germany, France, Hungary, Sweden, and Russia. During these events, private and corporate collectors have acquired many of her works.

     Fedoritenko loves traveling throughout Europe and Asia. She thinks that developing her knowledge of different cultures, and particularly the people of different countries, is vital to her work as an artist. She enjoys talking to people and admiring the landscapes of the places she travels. She is especially fond of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania and the Green Mountain landscapes of Ukraine. Fedoritenko says, "I'm crazy about reading—I buy books wherever I go and I especially like classic literature."

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