Tim Peterson

     Tim Peterson has been producing art professionally for 35 years and for the past six years has concentrated on painting Florida and Southeas landscapes.

     Tim was seriously sketching at the young of age of six and as a youth was frequently working on whatever scrap of paper was available. He sold his first painting by the age of 12. For the next four years Tim and friends were taking long bicycle rides out into the country nearly every weekend exploring whatever wilderness they encountered. As a youth he was highly influenced by the hunting and fishing magazine artists. Tim would spend hours studying every aspect of those illustrations depicting the great outdoors.

     While still in high school Tim Peterson began a two year apprenticeship  to sculptor Eben Haskell SR. Numerous famous artists including Wayne Theibauld stopped by the Haskell studio regularly during that period to chat and discuss art theory. It was a fertile ground for a budding artist. Tim worked in sculpture for six years then began painting commercially. He continued working in commercial art for twenty years while studying and practicing the painting of landscapes outdoors. In 1998 Tim studied outdoor painting for a year and a half with Steve Hedgepeth in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He painted the incredible beauty and endured the harsh weather in and around Yellowstone National Park. “I remember numerous times painting in Wyoming with snow falling on my canvas and palette as my fingers and toes started to hurt from the cold"

     Tim Peterson paints exclusively outdoors on location. He does not work in a studio using reference photographs. "It is such a joy working outdoors and studying the nuances of color and light that are just not available in a photograph"

     He works in a bold, fast manner with as large a paintbrush as possible to capture an Impressionistic style, similar to that of the French impressionists,just before the twentieth century. "I like to allow the observer of my paintings to finish the story in his or her mind rather than my illustrating every possible detail. I want to involve the imagination of anyone who studies my work"

     "I paint for the pure joy of painting. Ever since my earliest childhood memories I have loved the feeling of pushing paint around with a brush. It's so much fun to get up each morning, go for a drive and stop at the first place where the beauty of the day impresses me. Years ago I used to drive and drive looking for the perfect spot to paint. As my appreciation for beauty matured I began to notice fun things to paint everywhere. Some days I will paint in the middle of town surrounded by curious people who find it difficult to believe someone would set up an easel outside and paint pictures for a living.  Another day I may find myself in the wetlands visiting with the birds and squirrels as I paint. Each day is a new adventure. I never really know what a painting is going to look like when I begin. I feel very fortunate that my work is appreciated by you, allowing me to continue what I love doing."

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