Trey was born in Atlanta in 1971.  His grandfather was an accomplished artist in his own right, and particularly influenced Trey’s mindset.  On trips with his grandfather to the countryside around the city, Trey learned to see the magnificent terrain as a painted landscape embellished with atmosphere and color.  Most importantly, his grandfather taught him “to translate reality onto the canvas with grace.”  From a young age, Trey sold his artwork at local flea markets in order to pay for his supplies.  That he was able to fund his painting by selling his early works is a testament to both his innate talent and disciplined dedication to creative work.

     Trey continued to pursue painting in high school, where he was one of 10 students in the state of Georgia to be chosen for the Governors Honors Program.  A major influence on Trey during this period was the work of Pablo Picasso, and particularly the piece “Guernica,” which opened Trey’s eyes to the extreme levels of intensity that confident and emotional painting could attain.

     Upon completing high school, Trey was awarded a full scholarship to the renowned Savannah College of Art and Design, He focused his studies on still life and abstract painting, and ultimately graduated Summa Cum Laude.  In addition, he was elected salutatorian of his class.  Upon graduating, Trey moved back to Atlanta to attend Georgia State University’s Masters program.  Given the promising nature of his work at Georgia State, upon graduation Trey was offered a position as a full-time instructor at the University.  He continues to teach painting there today. 

     Trey has remained dedicated to his two careers, painting and teaching, firmly believing that “as long as one teaches, one learns.”  His own work has been exhibited across the United States.

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