Vitaliy Mikhailov

Vitali Mikhailov was born in the Soviet Union on October 25, 1969. Vitali is married; he and his wife Marina have two children Anastasia and Pavel. As with any proud father, Vitali enjoys his children and they bring great joy to him.
During his youth, his teachers noted a unique artistic talent displayed in the everyday homework illustrations, which were self-motivated. He also participated in school plays from early childhood. He has carried this trait to present and has also acquired a rigid work ethic in his art profession.
     After graduating from the Radio Mechanical Technical Institute, Vitali began his service in the Soviet Army. (Pictured on left are his mother and uncle sending him off to the service). Officers were quick to recognize his artistic talent, and he was put to work at battalion headquarters in the graphic design department. He was engaged in the graphic design of many military projects as well as portrait work for the officers and their wives. Upon completion of his patriotic duty, he enrolled in the Moscow University of Art. He received his undergraduate degree and secured a diploma in easel painting and graphic design. He then furthered his education by enrolling in the Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute where he specialized in restoration and easel art painting. Vitali then worked during the day as a machinist but at night, he pursued his one great love of easel painting with oil paint. He was commissioned by many companies such as Lucent Technologies to paint for their corporate offices in Ukraine.
     Mikhailov has a great appreciation for the late 18th and 19th century styles of art and art restoration, but he follows in the footsteps of the Renaissance Masters. He speaks his native Ukraine language as well as French and Russian. He has painted many images of French / Parisians lifestyle, as well as the French coast and countryside. Parisian scenes coastal images, especially of the Bay of Biscay region, as well as the Loire Valley’s rolling hills, chateaus, and vineyards have been and will continue to be a place of solace for him.
     Ah, but Vitali has spent much time in the Netherlands, his favorite of the European countries, studying the works of the masters from the Flemish and Flanders Schools of Art. Pictured left is Vitali, his wife Marina, and one of their friends , Han with his daughter, while on one of their trips to Holland. Vitali and Marina also spent their honeymoon (left) in the Netherlands. (Right) Vitali, Marina and two children – Anastasia and Pavel.
     Vitali’s ability to put himself into the time of the renaissance has allowed him to create classical works that have a style of their own as well as works that are, let us say, more obtuse. Vitali’s figurative works have received great acclaim. Many people and institutions have commissioned him to bring their photographs to life on canvas with his brushes and oil paint.
     Vitali has done work for the Art Museum of Zaporazhyl and the Art Museum of Dneproptrosk. His artwork is collected worldwide by individuals businesses and public entities. He has and will continue to exhibit his works in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany France, the Netherlands, Israel, Canada, and the United States.
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