Vladimir Zrol'

     Vladimir Zrol' was born in the Soviet Union in 1975. As a youngster, he had aspirations of becoming a jeweler, an artist-animator, or an archaeologist. Maturing into a teenager, his passion for drawing dominated his interests. He recalls, "I decorated my classmates notebooks and book covers – I would draw on every scrap of paper I could find!" His interest in archaeology and history inspired much of his early art work.

     After finishing his primary education, Zrol' entered High Technical School to learn material trades and design while still exploring the world of art with his continuous graphic creations. He took private lessons from a nearby art studio and developed a flare for graphic arts. He began illustrating Slavic mythology, Italian Street Theater, and modern fantasy. At that time he was studying the works of Klimt, Mukha, and Berdeley who had a profound impact on his graphic works. He also found interest in the modern surrealists and eastern graphic artists.

     In 1994, Zrol' entered the military service, and after serving for his country for two years, he entered the private sector as an advertising designer. He found this business application of art to be uninteresting. He left his position and enrolled in a local folk art studio where he enjoyed the freedom of working as a decorator as well as painting portraits. His interests expanded into Russian realism reflecting his appreciation for artists such as Shemiakin, Fuks, and Vois. He now enjoys the freedom of his own studio as he paints for exhibitions and corporate collections as well as for the private connoisseur of fine art.

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