Wolf, Laurie

     Laurie Wolf was born on November 14, 1954 in Miami, Florida, and lived there until she got married.  As a child, Mrs Wolf delighted in watching her mother paint, and her older sister draw.  These early memories are the roots of her own growth as an artist.

     She has drawn since she could hold a pencil and has spent every day exploring drawing and painting.  Her paintings evolved from her drawing, and her very capable hand is evident in the highly descriptive paintings she creates of water, beaches, tropical vegetation, and skies.

     Mrs Wolf states,  “Painting is as natural and as necessary to me as breathing. I am completely self-taught. I wanted to study art in college, but was discouraged from doing so by my parents, so I managed to teach myself, and am always learning more.”

     Mrs. Wolf is a full time artist, and her love of painting blends well with her love for the tropics, because the tropics are the prominent subject matter she chooses for her realistic style.  She loves being by the water and wishes to share with others the uplift this gives her.

     “Painting the tropics hopefully gives people a chance to have a tiny piece of paradise in their own homes - because to me the tropics ARE paradise.”

     The endless possibilities in art interest Mrs. Wolf, and she is dedicated to doing something creative each day.  Her days are structured around her devotion to painting, and her list of accomplishments is growing!

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