Yevgenia Vanzha-Boguslavskaya

     Yevgenia Vanzha-Boguslavaskaya was born in the ancient City of Chernigov, in April of 1969. After completing high school, she became a professional designer of willow furniture in a well-known furniture manufacturing company in Eastern Europe. She enjoyed her profession, but due to the evolving political climate, Yevgenia and her family fled to Israel. She tried to adapt to her new lifestyle as she worked as a floral designer, but became homesick. Yevgenia returned home as soon as the political situation calmed.

     After returning to her native homeland, Yevgenia started working as a commercial designer specializing in billboard outdoor advertising design. During this time she organized a small private school for young artists. She enjoys working with children as she reminisces about her youth, beginning with her interest in drawing at the age of 3. Yevgenia knows how art can enrich a child's inner world. Her young students learn about folk art, antique art and about the life of famous artists, including her favorites – Dalie, Vrubel, Shagal, and Berdelei.

     Currently Yevgenia is working as a costume designer and stage set decorator in the Jewish theater named "Shpigl." This theater is sponsored by the Jewish charity foundation, "Hesed Ester." She also continues her role in the school she began.

     Yevgenia proudly expresses, "I think it is my hobby to give people joy. I like good music, theater, Bulkgakov (Russian writer), coffee with a cigarette, autumn, solitude and my cat. I don't like huge rooms with big windows, liver, or crowds. My dream is to learn to be myself and travel about the world." As a hobby she makes figurines and little statuettes of wood, which she gives to friends.

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