Yevgeny Pavlov

     Yevgeny Pvalov was born in a family of artists in the Russian City of Omsk. His father was a renowned artist in that region, famous for his graphic creations. Pavlov's father entered the Second World War before his son was born and returned home to his family six years later. At that time the esteemed artist noticed the extraordinary talent of his young son, Yevgeny, as he depicted dramatic renditions of the postwar period. When young Pavlov was 17, his father sent him to the National Art School in Kiev. Here he attended a course of study from 1958 through 1962. He specialized in easel painting and completed his course studies ahead of planned scheduling. His first exhibitions took place in the National Art Museum when he was still a student.

     Pavlov always has been one of the most active participants of national and international exhibitions. He is known for many civic designs of monumental works and mosaic panels. This includes the wrought iron creation on the front of the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Administration Building.

     The art of Yevgeny Pvalov is continually exhibited in Russian museums and is also held in many native and foreign collections.

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