African Hand Drum  ceremonial Drum

African Hand Drum ''Djun Djun or Dunen'' Ceremonial double headed hand carved & painted Low Drum

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Djun Djun or Dunen Ceremoniol double headed hand carved Low Drum 24x14 Lenge wood-Goatskin Heads- painted Kente Design from family of Traditional drum carvers Accra Ghana.

There are over 250 different types of African Drums. The djembe is a popular design carved from a solid tree trunk. Triniboa, Lenghe, and many other woods are used. The skin is a cured and stretched goatskin. (Old goat is better than young goat). After the trees are blessed then cut down, new seedlings are planted. The specialized carvers who carve the outside goblet shape of the djembe can take several days to rough out the correct shape that has been the same for hundreds of years. The interior is carved specially by master carvers to create the warm deep tones. The wood is cured for over a year and goes through the drying seasons called “Hamitan” meaning Golden Dust, were the Sahara blows in and pulls the moisture out gradually, making a resonant and strong drum shell. The goatskin is stretched while wet, and pulled down with rope around the two steel rings. When the head is dry the hair is shaved off with a double edged Gillete razor blade. The rope that tightens the head is called the Mali Weave or “Pulling Diamonds”. Ornate carvings on the drum represent protection and healing from Adinkra and Yoruba traditions.

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