After Making Love - Romero Britto

*Britto, Romero "After Making Love" 27 x 27 poster/print-Hand Signed by the Artist

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Hand-signed by the artist one of Britto's most iconic works in a special very rare print run that are all signed.

Brazilian Artist Romero Britto Britto came from a very poor childhood in Brazil. He was naturally driven to draw and paint all that was around him. He had no other choice except to flow into teaching himself by trial and error to become an artist. Britto used whatever was available and he loved comics as you can see by his work this modern master of Pop Art art is still a child at heart. 

After studying masters in Paris for six years Britto move to Miami in 1989 and in the last 30 years he has had shows in almost every country in the world. In 2018 Britto did a group show with Damien Hirst and Arma.

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