Bailey's Palm Tree botanical art print in color

Peebles, Diane "Bailey's Palm Tree'' Small Print 14x10 also comes in Large size 26x18

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This Botanical Palm Tree print is a part of a larger set. These are high qualify offset lithographs from the original botanical drawings by Diane Peebles. They're printed on a beautiful, acid-free vellum 80-pound cover stock. Each print is also plate initialed.

About the Bailey's Palm Tree:

Copernicia baileyana

A stunning solitary palm with a massive trunk and large crown. From a group of twenty-five diverse species found Cuba Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Extremely rare outside its native range.
Origin: Cuba
Leaf: Large, strong fan-shaped covered with a thin wax layer
Trunk: Smooth, thick. Concrete-like appearance and texture 
Mature Height: 50 feet

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