Abstract Original Etching Cave wall looking bold colors with gold embossed

*Dodsworth "Zorion I" 22 x 29 Original Etching on Handmade Heavy Rag Limited Edition

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Hand made Etchings Inspired by the art and artifacts of pre-history.
British Artist David Dodsworth primitive looking Abstract creations are carborundum intaglio prints. Dodsworth studies cave paintings and inscriptions of the Native American and Chauvet Indians for his inspiration. Using the Intaglio (etching) hand press he experiments with imagery, color, and papermaking in his abstract pieces. His unique style can be seen in galleries all over the United States, Europe, and Canada. In Dodsworth's original limited edition on Rag paper, "Tabla 1," he evokes both a feeling of serenity and whimsy. His bold use of colors draws viewers eyes inward toward the center of the print.  The usage of gold leaves and gold carborundum embossing has become Dodsworth's signature mark as a painter and printmaker. 




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