*Lakich, Lili

*Lakich, Lili "Mona" 1981 Vintage poster for the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles 34''x24''

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Mona Lisa in Neon Lights for Museum Show in 1981. A twist on Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece

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 This one of a kind work of art by neon artist Lili Lakich was used as for the poster image in 1981 for the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles designed by Beda Ross Design

The mix of black, white and rainbow colors breath personality into this famous portraits known around the world. Mona’s smile, both alluring and aloof, is accentuated in Hot red and pink.

Although Di Vinci’s Mona Lisa was quite famous even in the 1800s but the piece did not become the icon it is today until it was stolen by a thief in 1911 and covered in newspapers across the globe.



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