Pettegrew, Peter

Pettegrew, Peter "Southeastern Coastal Suite" Set of Four Hand Made Original Stone Lithographs each image 4.75 x 9 (Pettegrew drew directly on stone slabs and printed each with Master Printer Wayne Kline)

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White w/ Charcoal ed 50
Buff w/ Charcoal ed 50
Buff w/Chocolate ed 50

Print Size: 4.75×9

Total edition size: 150

Set of four Price: 595

Landscape artist Peter Pettegrew indulged his love for printmaking working with internationally renowned lithographer, Wayne Kline of Rolling Stone Press, in Atlanta, Georgia to create a suite of four original Stone lithographs. The inspiration for these captivating images came from Pettegrew’s working drawings for his original paintings. Many of Pettegrew’s collectors expressed interest in obtaining these charcoals. Lithography was the natural choice for capturing the depth, texture, and richness of the art.

Pettegrew sat before a massive piece of Bavarian limestone, and with careful precision, drew with a grease pencil. Mr. Kline inked the image and together thet hand pulled each color trail proof (C.T.P.). When the image met with Pettegrew’s expectations, he signed the first artist proof. The resulting collection is lush in variation of value tones and texture.

The suite of four Stone lithographs is available in black or brown ink, and on white or buff arches. The total edition size is one hundred and sixty five.

Peter Pettegrew is a Featured Artist here at Southern Fields. Click here to see all of his work

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