Tampa Island Egmont Key beach scene with seaoats and Palm trees-National Register of Historic Places

Reeves, Rick "Egmont Key" Tampa Bay Island Signed and Numbered Limited Edition 21.5''x17.5''

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This is the famous historical island just across Tampa Bay's ship channel from Fort Desoto State Park. Egmont Key is where a Light House was first built in 1848  and was built to withstand any storm. Around the U.S. Civil War era, it was used to protect the Channel; thirty-five U.S. sailors from the R.R. Cuylerfortified erected small gun battery with three eighteen pound cannons close to the lighthouse. 

Egmont Key was named and registered as a National Wildlife Refuge in 1974 and added to the National Register of Historic Places. 

 Tampa Bay Island Island that forms the ship channel


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