Ruhe, David ”Turtle Beach” 30x40 Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas Stretch List $6000 our price $3800

Regular price List Price: $6,000.00 Our Price: $3,500.00

Ruhe David: "Turtle Beach" 30×40 Original Acrylic Painting  on Canvas Stretched List $6000 our price $3800 - Ships in a Flat box


What do you see in your mind when you hear the word "Paradise"?

Do you visualize a Tropical picture of a sandy white Beach and Palm Trees, back-lit by an ocean view? This beautiful giclee by David Ruhe is paradise on canvas. A bicycle rests up against a beach shack in the summer day while turtles return to the shore to hatch their eggs.  Ruhe’s usage of primary colors red and yellow both evoke strong emotions and bring the viewer happy memories of summer. You can almost smell the salt!  

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